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3d graph of flames
"Curtains of Fire 1" by Jerry Thornhill

Thank you for ordering DPGraph! DPGraph runs under Windows 95/98/00/ME/NT4/XP/7/8/10, or under Linux for 386 or later PC's. DPGraph will also run under Windows emulators such as SoftWindows or Virtual PC for the Mac.

DPGraph is licensed for you to use on whatever computers you want to use it on, at home, work or school.

Click here to download DPGraph

If you run into any problems downloading or installing DPGraph, please email

Linux installation: DPGraph runs with the aid of a free program called Wine. Wine translates Windows system calls into Linux system calls, allowing many Windows programs to run under Linux. Wine is a work in progress, but DPGraph runs fairly nicely under recent versions.

  1. If your Linux distribution doesn't already come with Wine, then download and install Wine from
  2. Click on the link above to download a file called InstallDPGraph.exe (about 400k).
  3. From inside your window manager, issue the command wine InstallDPGraph.exe to install DPGraph.
  4. Issue the command wine "c:\program files\dpgraph\dpgraph.exe" to run DPGraph.

Please let us know if you run into abnormalities; there are many versions of Linux out there. Performance notes: 1) setting := false may increase performance on Linux systems that are slow at drawing text; 2) using the framebuffer device in 16M color modes seems to increase performance on many Linux systems.

Windows installation: The Windows version runs under Windows 95/98/00/ME/NT4/XP/7/8/10.

  1. Click on the link above to download a file called InstallDPGraph.exe (about 400k). It will be sent to your download directory (for many users, the download directory is the Desktop).
  2. Run InstallDPGraph.exe. For most users, that means click on Open when the download is complete, or click on the new InstallDPGraph.exe icon on the Desktop.

If you can't figure out where Windows sent InstallDPGraph.exe, click on Start, then click on Find, then search for InstallDPGraph.exe.

Copyright © 1997-2019 by DPGraph. All rights reserved.