"Quality: Excellent. Value: Excellent." ... "DPGraph is one of the most exciting Windows-PC programs I've ever seen for creating beautiful, even stunning, mathematical graphics.", Dr. Michael W. Ecker, Recreational & Educational Computing, and DPGraph runs under Wine on Linux, or under SoftWindows or Virtual PC on the Mac.
3d graph of gyroid3d graph of mathematical knot
dynamic 2d graph of sine wavedynamic 3d waves
3d graph of shelldynamic 3d graph of a plane slicing a cone
3d graph of volcano2d graph of an interference pattern
3d graph of saddle point3d graph of gravitational field around a sphere
3d graph of ellipsoid3d graph of Schwarz's P surface
 DPGraph: Dynamic Photorealistic 3D Graphing Software
for Math and Physics Visualization 
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3d volume of
The world's most powerful software for math and physics visualization. Create beautiful, interactive, dynamic, photorealistic 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and 8D graphs. So easy to use that even junior high and senior high students have had their graphs published. Includes hundreds of examples contributed by users from around the world.
Over two million mathematicians, physicists, teachers and students at over 1,000 colleges, universities and K-12 schools worldwide are already licensed. Comes with a free subscription to the Flaming Thunder programming language.
Optimized for the internet -- search for DPGraph using your favorite search engine to find ways that people are using DPGraph for both classroom and distance learning. Used for pre-algebra, geometry, trigonometry and general physics, through multivariable calculus, field theory, quantum mechanics and gravitation.
Use time and color as extra dimensions (to create motion or encode momentum, for example). Use the scrollbar to vary parameters in realtime, to slice through graphs, or to vary transparency. Programmed entirely in assembly language for maximum speed.
Graph functions, equations, conic sections, planes, spheres, toruses, parametric curves and surfaces, implicit equalities and inequalities, volume intersections, volumes of integration, vector fields, surfaces of revolution, equipotential surfaces, and much more, in rectangular, polar, cylindrical, or spherical coordinates.
dynamic 3d graph of flapping wings 3d graph of parallel planes dynamic 3d graph of surface eating sphere
3d graph of flames dynamic 3d graph of tornado 3d graph of catenoid
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dynamic 2d graph of swirldynamic 2d graph of equipotential surface
3d graph of volume of integrationcool dynamic 3d graph
dynamic 3d graph of ethane molecule3d graph of goblets
dynamic 3d spheredynamic 3d hourglass
3d double helixdynamic pulsing 3d graph
3d donutpierced 3d octahedron